The Compliment Club

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this blog post since I read it over a week ago. It brought me so much joy to read this, I can’t help but share it. Above all, what a good, positive reminder to send out to the world. Link below. Happy reading.

The Rules:

  1. Look for the positive in other people
  2. Be genuine
  3. Be specific
  4. Be heartfelt about how things make you FEEL
  5. Chill on the back handed compliments
  6. Just go for it!
  7. Don’t expect anything in return




This past weekend, I went to an annual Thanksgiving potluck party at my friend Brittany’s house. For the potluck portion, I made Joy The Baker’s mac and cheese! I added extra bread crumbs on top to give it a crispier finish. I think everyone really liked it!

photo (6)

More importantly, the décor was so thought-out, it was a Pinterest dream! Talk about being crafty, check out a few of the pictures I took of the decorations below. I must remember some of these ideas for the next time I host.

Rosemary tied to mason jars and leaves as place cards.

photo (7)

Painted antique antler candleholders and carved squashes for tea lights.

photo (8)

Thankful for cards which we left anonymous and read at dinner.

photo (9)

How are you going to decorate for Thanksgiving?