You have to believe in yourself, or no one else is going to.


I idolize this woman. Her work ethic is unparalleled and what she and her brand stand for is powerful. Whether you want a career and/or kids is your choice, but I like what she says about identity. Up to you to interpret identity in your own way, but think about this one. Read more here.

“It is very important for a woman to have a family and equally important to have an identity outside of the home”


03METGALA-master315Tonight, the 1% of everyone who is anyone in fashion/film/music/Silicon Valley/Wall Street (etc) is going to be on Fifth Avenue for the Met Gala to celebrate China: Though the Looking Glass, the Costume Institute’s Spring exhibition. Goes without saying, we all must bow down to the leading lady behind all of this, Ms. Anna Wintour. The LA Times about Ms. Wintour: “The event has become a testament to the unmistakable power of it’s co-host.” Yes, power.

met-gala-costume-exhibit-china-through-the-looking-glass-5*Image taken from Vogue

I am as excited about the red carpet tonight as I am about the exhibit. From fashion’s eyes, where East meets West,  “the exhibition will explore the impact of Chinese aesthetics on Western fashion and how China has fueled the fashionable imagination for centuries.” Cuts, prints, colors.. this sounds intriguing!