OMG, It’s Almost Valentine’s Day

IMG_9510Yup, this day totally crept up on us AGAIN this year. Are you scrambling to get some fancy reservations? Any gifts in mind? I heard a podcast on Bon Appetit that was the most refreshing thing I could have listened to 48 hours before the big day.

Don’t worry about getting an overdose on romance. Do something FUN! Go to a bar! Go wine tasting! Do something that you and your +1 enjoy doing, and leave the pressure behind.

Since I don’t have any major plans cooked up, I am taking the podcast’s advice. I have a long list of things that I have been saving to cook with my fiancé. Homemade ramen is at the top of it. Grapefruit tequila cocktails sound like the perfect accompaniment.

“Do it your way” as the podcast advises.

Happy V-Day!

Anna Piaggi

I fell in love with this NYC street art of fashion icon Anna Piaggi.

IMG_8814She was a legend. She thought outside the box. And she was so renowned for her bold fashion choices, there was even an art exhibit in London in 2006 dedicated to her (and her massive collection of clothing). Wish I could have see it!

“I think she’s a poet with clothes, but a very fine poet.” – Bill Cunningham

– Sheena