Product Review: Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado


Let’s chat about our under eye routines. This area is often overlooked as a young twenty something but I swear, in the last 1 year, I have especially taken notice to how sensitive this skin is and how important it is to care for it properly. Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado is a dreamy solution.  It is super hydrating (avocado oil and shea butter) and has a nice thick consistency that you can feel working itself into your skin.

TIP: A tip that was given to me by a makeup artist is to keep this cream in the refrigerator and apply it cold. It feels so good! Best part, when you use the cold cream in the morning, it zaps away the missed hours of sleep to give your face/eyes a refreshed look.

Try it for yourself!

Fashion Friday: A Cozy Friday

What do you like to wear to stay warm and cozy this fall? Here, I am wearing grey jogger pants with a grey sweatshirt tucked in. I threw on my favorite Jeffrey Campbell shoes to give the outfit a little flair. Simple and chic!



Here, I am wearing a drape front cardigan with jeans and booties. This style of cardigan is super snuggle-worthy and all the rage this season. IMG_0070

-Nikki and Sheena

Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs

Henri Matisse: artist, inventor, genius and creator.

Matisse’s Cut-Outs exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in New York is absolutely phenomenal. It is the largest display of cut-outs, featuring over 100 pieces of Matisse’s work. The sheer scale of some of the pieces is unbelievable – murals, church windows, his dining room walls etc. But what is most brilliant about this exhibit is that it showcases how imaginative and innovative Henri Matisse was as an artist, to pioneer this medium. One of my favorite pieces is this seated lady.IMG_8617

How did he do it? He would take pieces of colored paper and with these cut-outs, he would arrange them to make an abstract vision come to life. In some of the pieces, he was able to create depth (like you would see in a painting) by arranging the colored pieces a certain way. That really amazed me.

Since I couldn’t take pictures in the Cut-Outs exhibit, here are a few other pieces I saw at the MoMA. Andy Warhol

Warhol Cow Paper


Mary Weatherford’s La Noche

This was one of my best trips to the MoMA.


Non-Traditional Christmas Tree

I love picking out and trimming a tree for Christmas. This year I decided to take a less traditional route. I was inspired by these cotton branches I saw at my local cheese shop. I love how rustic they felt and also they are an homage to my fiance, who is from the “dirty South”, as he likes to say.

IMG_7803To anchor the branches, I found these lush and fragrant eucalyptus branches at the farmers market. It was easy to arrange and I just added mini ornaments to make it super festive. I had the idea to wrap the base in burlap from a floor display at Pottery Barn to add to the rustic home look. Merry Christmas!

My materials:

IMG_7804The final product:

IMG_7805 IMG_7810-Nikki

Fashion Friday: Stripes & Skinnies

If you don’t like stripes, then you can stop reading HERE because we love them! Today, we’re wearing stripes with skinny jeans. This is an easy look to accessorize with fun shoes, plus it’s comfortable and very stylish (at least we think so). Here, I am wearing a striped turtleneck with skinny jeans and my new favorite Matt Bernson slide-on sneakers.

IMG_0061Here, I am wearing a sheer striped tunic with distressed skinnies and oxfords.


– Nikki and Sheena

Stylist Crush

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of hearing a panel of stylists speak at the Fashionista Conference in LA. Among the panel was one of my big time stylist crushes, Micaela Erlanger, who is also featured in Vanity Fair.


Remember this Lupita look (below)? Such a bold statement told in the classiest form; Micaela’s work at its finest. At the conference, Micaela stressed the importance of developing relationships with her clients. She’ll even collaborate with them on Pinterest boards to understand their boundaries, and she digs deep to really understand what fashion means to them.


Micaela in Vanity Fair: “I think it’s about not being afraid to try something new,” she says. “I think it’s about being able to interpret the risk or edge in a wearable way.”

She’s right. Style is about taking risks, and by taking risks with her clients, Micaela has really showcased her talent as a damn good stylist. Can you believe she’s only 29?