My Perfect Day in San Francisco

11.60sfSan Francisco is a touristy town, which has its pros and cons. Cons: It’s crowded, expensive and everywhere you go, there’s a wait. But there are many upsides: lots of great restaurants, talented people and innovative new places. The other day I had a chunk of time and started day dreaming about what my perfect day in San Francisco would consist of. Besides perfectly sunny weather, here’s what else I’d do:

11.5 urban flow

IMG_7479The morning would start at Urban Flow Yoga on Market with Rusty Wells. This is a really special studio that is sadly closing at the end of November.
After a sweat and shower, I would head to the Ferry Building for Sightglass coffee and chilaquiles from the farmer’s market. Then I would go to Hayes Valley and Pacific Heights and shop at the great boutiques. A few of my favorites are Reliquary, Nars, and Rand + Statler.

IMG_7464Lunch would be the all the seafood I could eat at Swan Oyster Depot and then maybe a glazed donut from Bob’s Donuts because hey, it’s my day dream. I would then take a quick nap to refuel. In the afternoon I would have a homemade Basil Elderflower gimlet then head to either SPQR or State Bird Provisions for dinner. Can’t wait for my next “tourist” day!



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