Fashion Friday: The Morning After (Thanksgiving)

After a day of binging, what did we wear? OVERSIZED anything. Here, I am wearing an oversized cashmere sweater with boyfriend jeans and my favorite leather espadrilles for a day of shop ’til you drop! IMG_0060

My stomach needed some extra breathing room today! Here, I am wearing an oversized t-shirt dress (from Anthropologie). Striped, of course!


– Nikki & Sheena


To be Nice or Not to be Nice?

11.24.14 power 11.24.14 kerrOver the weekend I read an interview on Forbes with the founders of Clique Media (the media group that founded Who What Wear, among other brands), Katherine Power and Hillary Kerr. Since they launched the online magazine eight years ago, the duo has expanded to Byrdie (beauty) and Domaine (home), as well has manage integrated and native advertising for a slew of fashion brands and blogs. All the while, WWW has continued to keep its finger on the pulse of fashion with a uniquely celebrity-driven lens.

I’m always interested to hear how young women define success for themselves and how they approach business. From this interview it was apparent to me that Kerr and Power come at professionalism from two different angles. When asked, what is the best advice you’ve ever received? Kerr responded:

Treat everyone professionally and with respect—even when they’re not affording you the same courtesy—because the industry is small and people’s memories are long.

Power, on the other hand, had an answer to one question that stuck with me. When asked what her pet peeve was, she responded:

Overfamiliarity and inefficiency

I wish the reporter probed on what she meant by overfamiliarity. In business? In personal life? I could only interpret it to mean that because of their celebrity status in the internet world, a lot of people feel like they know Power, and don’t give her the deference she feels she should receive.

When put next to Kerr’s more playful and jovial responses, Power appears to be the colder, less approachable half of the team. So then, in business, does it pay to be nice or to be a little chilly? As a young woman who is the boss, should you be a accessible and friendly or aloof? For this team, representing both approaches seems to be the winning combination.

Fashion Friday: Sweaters

Today we’re wearing our favorite fall sweaters! Here, I paired an over-sized open knit sweater with loose cargo pants and loafers for a relaxed look. I balanced the loose cargos with the neckline from the sweater for a subtle girly touch.

IMG_0053Here, I wore a cowl neck sweater (from Stitch Fix!) with printed denim. The zipper detail on the sweater adds an edgy touch to the preppy jeans.


– Nikki and Sheena

The Goop Effect

I have it all. So can you. 



That’s the Goop philosophy. Enough said about this duo, right? Wrong. Gwynnie and her mate Lisa Gersh are preparing for world domination. But not if Blake Lively’s Preserve gets to it first! Look out for Goop’s website redesign, a clothing line and some news on funding in 2015. I’m actually excited to see what she has in store. Read the full NYT article here.

– Sheena

Basics Instinct

This weekend’s Off Duty section of the WSJ featured an article titled ‘Basics Instinct’ which discussed fashion insiders favorite basics. Ironic, no? Fashion insiders, as in the brains behind the fashion world, don’t even wear the trends they spend so much time perfecting. It is hard to believe that they are one most interested in the idea of normcore. But, this is hardly normcore. We’re talking about carefully curated closets housing timeless, clean designs such as the works of Stella McCartney, Christophe Lemaire, 6397 and Saint Laurent.

So if we’re talking uniforms, I’ll share mine too. I’m a sucker for the perfect tee.  Stripes always preferred. Pretty basic if you ask me.twang4063933808_q4_1-0_336x596


Christmas Wish List: Del Toro X Alison Lou loafers

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 10.05.13 AMModa Operandi hit the nail on the head with these flats that are a combination of whimsy and comfort. Shoe house Del Toro teamed up with cheeky jewelry designer, Alison Lou, for this of-the-moment collaboration. Emojis + comfortable flats = touchdown emoji! My favorites include the #Shitshow loafer and the #DrunkInLove below. Only 43 days until Christmas and a mere 24 days before my half birthday!

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 10.08.38 AM Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 10.09.31 AM-Nikki