Product Review: Zents Daily Treatment Balm

When I lived in the Midwest, the climate was so dry in the fall and winter that my skin really took a beating, especially my hands and cuticles. I was already addicted to hand lotion, but living in the Midwest made me reliant on something extra hydrating – shea butter. I got in the habit of rubbing shea butter on my cuticles at night to keep that tender skin hydrated. This good habit has stayed with me even though I have since escaped the freezing tundra.

I search for products with 100% shea butter because it simply is what works best for my skin. I recently tried this Daily Treatment Balm by Zents and I’m head over heels. It is composed of a blend of 100% shea butter, coconut oil and beeswax. These three ingredients are magic for healing dry skin and locking in the moisture. Plus, the smell of linden blossom, lemon and coriander is heavenly and soothing which is perfect before bed. Added bonus is that this balm comes in a mini concrete box that looks very adorable on my bedside table.

How it works. Since the balm is solid, you warm up a dollop of balm in your fingertips to make it soft and easy to smooth over your hands and cuticles. It does leave a little bit of a greasy feel behind but that doesn’t bother me. Within days, I’ve already noticed that my skin feels great and my cuticles are in top shape. Try it for yourself!

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