Product Review: Foreo Luna

10.15 foreoIn my past life I was a cosmetics assistant buyer then a skincare assistant buyer, so I have been spoiled with great skincare products. A lot of friends think I am an expert in skincare (fooled you!), but really my skincare routine evolves with the seasons and as my skin has changed/aged.

But I do have a few skincare foundation musts, and one of them is cleansing your face properly. Unfortunately, it’s not just about scrubbing really well and buying an expensive facial cleanser. One of the best investments you can make is a facial skincare tool. While there are a ton in the market, I think the Foreo Luna is just about the best $200 you’ll spend on yourself. Here’s why:

  • In just 3 days your skin will look brighter. This is a humblebrag, but I actually received compliments on my skin after just 1 time using it.
  • It’s hygienic! It’s made of silicon, so it doesn’t gather any dirt or grime from your skin.
  • It stays charged for 6 months.
  • It uses sonic pulsations to penetrate your cleanser, but also if you flip it around, the curved line side can be used to to apply serum or moisturizer so they’re more effective.

Proper cleansing is the basis of a good skincare routine. But at the end of the day, pay attention to what your skin reacts to and go from there!



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