Sunday with WSJ

My Sunday morning routine involves a cup of chai and burying my nose in the Off Duty section of the Wall Street Journal.  It is a major source of fashion news for the week, including styling tips, and articles about food, design, decorating, travel and adventure. Basically, everything I like to read about in one place (other than the section on cars which I ignore).

This week, the section cover article discussed layering as a ‘subtle form of art’, which I truly believe it is –  as looking cute while staying warm is my personal challenge all winter long.  As temperatures dip (hardly in LA yet), I am increasingly excited to bring out all the sweaters I’ve collected over the last few months. The most critical pieces to fall/winter fashion lay unseen and close to our skin, while the most visible pieces are sometimes a cross between fashionable and practical. One idea from the article is to wear warm athletic-wear under stylish outerwear.  So, I get to keep my comfortable layers on and look chic? Yes.

photo (7)

Just as I was getting excited at the thought of my cozy sweaters, I turned the page to find an article about what we have to look forward to in the spring: flowers, lace and a boho revival? I am so ready!  I especially love the blooms dress by Celine (left most dress under Desire of Botany). The matronly cut and asymmetric gathering on the bright floral pattern seems right up my alley. It is not even winter and I am already dreaming of spring…

photo (8)



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