Fashion Fridays: Missing Summer

Today’s look is a nod to summer with red and white stripes, navy track pants and a sweatshirt jacket. I added a snakeskin cuff for a dressy element.

IMG_0042Crop tops aren’t just for warm weather. I re-purposed this one for fall by layering with a button down and skinny jeans. IMG_0044-Nikki & Sheena

What I Read Today…


How to Buy Food: The Psychology of the Supermarket – Know why milk is always in the back? Because most people come in for some kind of dairy and they want us to work for it and buy stuff we didn’t even come in for! Also, p.s., they use glam lighting in the produce section to make veggies look good. I feel like such a fool.

Amy Poehler’s memoir, Yes Please is fantastic. The audio version? Heaven-sent. Here’s Amy on What it’s like being Pregnant on SNL.

Even though SF didn’t have a summer, I miss it. I think I’ll make Giada’s Fried Zucchini to compensate.

The amFAR gala in LA last night looked like the coolest party ever.


Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week, Spring/Summer 2015

Over the last few weeks I’ve had my eyes on WIFW, specifically designers Pankaj & Nidhi, and a few others who seamlessly blend Indian fabrics and patterns with western styles.

Pankaj & Nidhi are an innovative husband and wife pair whose Spring/Summer 2015 collection was full of lace and nude/pastel colors. The show was simultaneously clever and soft.

See a few of my favorite WIFW looks below.

Pankaj & Nidhi

This Pankaj & Nidhi show was described as “unapologetically feminine.” I see that in this neckline.

Ritu Pande

The embroidered neckline and flutter sleeves on this Ritu Pande dress are gorgeous together.

Payal Singhal

A solid mix of hem lines and prints by Payal Singhal.

Poonam Doobey

Traditional meets modern on this Poonam Doobey dress.


Fall in DC

This past weekend I was in Washington, DC with my family for my sister’s birthday. It was the perfect fall weekend, with sunshine, delicious food, discovering new neighborhoods and quality family time. We walked almost everywhere and I was able to see the city in a new way. The stunning weather and the changing seasons made for such a beautiful weekend. Here’s some of what I saw:IMG_0019We don’t get changing seasons in San Francisco so it was a nice reminder to see these crunchy brown leaves.

IMG_7309We were in the U Street neighborhood a lot and I loved the brownstones and the lush trees.

IMG_7307After coffee at Bakehouse, we ran into the U Street Farmers Market for Salted Caramel Apple Pie and a quick ogle at these pretty greens.IMG_7316For a sugar break, we stopped into Olivia Macaron in Georgetown. I loved the pistachio but the chocolate was the winner.IMG_7320Hi Washington Monument! You look good. (See what I meant about the gorgeous weather?)IMG_7325After a long morning of sights and bike-riding, we had a late lunch at Sakuramen in Adams Morgan. The highlight were the mushroom buns above. IMG_7342Our last brunch was at Union Market, an artisinal market with delicious food and goods.IMG_7344On the roof of Bidwell where we ate, we toured the aeroponic garden where they grow their own organic vegetables. IMG_7345An up-close shot of their Japanese eggplant.IMG_7343In the market was Salt & Sundry, an adorable home store with an global, hand-crafted feel. I wanted everything!

Product Review: Zents Daily Treatment Balm

When I lived in the Midwest, the climate was so dry in the fall and winter that my skin really took a beating, especially my hands and cuticles. I was already addicted to hand lotion, but living in the Midwest made me reliant on something extra hydrating – shea butter. I got in the habit of rubbing shea butter on my cuticles at night to keep that tender skin hydrated. This good habit has stayed with me even though I have since escaped the freezing tundra.

I search for products with 100% shea butter because it simply is what works best for my skin. I recently tried this Daily Treatment Balm by Zents and I’m head over heels. It is composed of a blend of 100% shea butter, coconut oil and beeswax. These three ingredients are magic for healing dry skin and locking in the moisture. Plus, the smell of linden blossom, lemon and coriander is heavenly and soothing which is perfect before bed. Added bonus is that this balm comes in a mini concrete box that looks very adorable on my bedside table.

How it works. Since the balm is solid, you warm up a dollop of balm in your fingertips to make it soft and easy to smooth over your hands and cuticles. It does leave a little bit of a greasy feel behind but that doesn’t bother me. Within days, I’ve already noticed that my skin feels great and my cuticles are in top shape. Try it for yourself!

photo (6)


Good Mourning

10.21 death becomesThis morning Harper’s Bazaar reported that the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s newest Costume Institute exhibit will be Death Becomes Her: A Century of Mourning Attire. It will showcase a history of bereavement costumes, both in cinema and in real life, through this decade and the last. Just in time for Halloween, this is the first Fall exhibit for the Costume Institute in 7 years. Looking through the photos it is fascinating to see how elaborate and ornate some outfits were. Women didn’t revert to simpler outfits during tragedy, rather they used clothes to show respect for the departed.

It’s all very macabre, I realize, but also made me think of how style is truly just an outward expression of what’s going on inside. And given last night’s devastating news of the loss of fashion legend, Oscar De La Renta, it seems fitting to acknowledge the link between fashion and death to put everything into perspective.

10.21 helen mirren queen 10.21 met 2 10.21 met

If Fashion Is About Timing, Then Fringe Is Now

This week’s Off Duty section of the Wall Street Journal featured an interesting article on the comeback of fringe. While Michael Kors’ brown fringe skirt winks at a Pocahontas reference, Roopal Patel calls her Adam Lippes black silk fringe skirt casual.  So, I should aim for fringe looks that are Pocahontas casual? My two main takeaways from the article are that the concept of fringe has baggage from associations to the 1920’s flapper style, but that the baggage is behind us because fringe is happening in a big way, and is here to stay through spring.

Here are some items on my fringe wish list.

Zara Kaftanzara

ONE by Sam & Lavi Fringe Sweater


Etoile Isabel Marant Dress


Thakoon Addition Poncho


– Sheena

A Workout With A View

One of my favorite outdoor activities in LA is the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook, otherwise known as the Culver City Stairs.  Let’s face it, I don’t like climbing stairs any more than you do. But, to mitigate the small fortune I spend on yoga and spin classes, I try to work out outdoors as often as I can.

The CC Stairs are a steep climb of approximately a million stairs (~300) and I feel like I am burning my thighs off with every step. It’s the very gratifying view of LA at the top that makes it completely worth it. This time, I treated myself to some street vendor fruit (with chili and lime) at the base, which made me quickly forget about how tired I was. You’d burn your thighs off too for this.

I give the Scenic Overlook 5 stars. Go!





Fashion Friday: Styling Stripes

Stripes are evergreen; fresh and vital for any wardrobe. They make a great base to pile on as few or as many accessories as you like. Here I paired them with James Jeans Crop (ankle on me) in Dark Blue (similar here), Yosi Samra Ariel Flats (similar here) and a 49 Square Miles Carneros Tote in Vine Teal.

photo (9)

For a dressier look, I paired this striped blouse with my favorite Babaton army green cargo pants (similar here).

photo (10)

-Nikki & Sheena

Product Review: Foreo Luna

10.15 foreoIn my past life I was a cosmetics assistant buyer then a skincare assistant buyer, so I have been spoiled with great skincare products. A lot of friends think I am an expert in skincare (fooled you!), but really my skincare routine evolves with the seasons and as my skin has changed/aged.

But I do have a few skincare foundation musts, and one of them is cleansing your face properly. Unfortunately, it’s not just about scrubbing really well and buying an expensive facial cleanser. One of the best investments you can make is a facial skincare tool. While there are a ton in the market, I think the Foreo Luna is just about the best $200 you’ll spend on yourself. Here’s why:

  • In just 3 days your skin will look brighter. This is a humblebrag, but I actually received compliments on my skin after just 1 time using it.
  • It’s hygienic! It’s made of silicon, so it doesn’t gather any dirt or grime from your skin.
  • It stays charged for 6 months.
  • It uses sonic pulsations to penetrate your cleanser, but also if you flip it around, the curved line side can be used to to apply serum or moisturizer so they’re more effective.

Proper cleansing is the basis of a good skincare routine. But at the end of the day, pay attention to what your skin reacts to and go from there!