Product Review: Astier de Villatte Candles

9.29 adv allOne of my favorite indulgences is a great candle. They can personalize any room and they come at any budget. One of my very best friends and college roommates, Cassady, first ignited my craze because she would always light candles in our small shared sorority room and it felt like we were in our own little world. Then, when I was an assistant buyer at Barneys I was exposed to luxury brands and developed my own nose. It was there that I discovered my favorite candle brand, Astier de Villatte. ADV is foremost a ceramics shop from Paris with the most delicate, dreamy ceramics. A couple of summers back I visited an antique shop that carried the line called Galerie Salon, located in the St. Germain-Des-Pres neighborhood, and would definitely recommend making a stop to any kitchen wares lover.9.29 adv galeriesalon1But ADV’s gateway drug are their candles. The scents come in either hand-blown glass or ceramics. The names come from cities around the world that the designers have traveled and that inspire them. My favorite is Roquebrune, “Dominating the sea, a ‘perched village’ of Provence crowned with its Carolinian castle. Wandering, lost amongst the narrow, paved streets. Resting in the shadows of Roman arches, bathed in the thousand and one aromas of The South: enigmatic wild sage, spearmint, coriander, rock rose, and bitter orange, with its decisive accent of citrus.” In the US they’re available in a handful of places like ABC Home & Carpet and Aedes. (Disclaimer: ADV candles may be habit forming.)

9.29 adv roque



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