Alex and Ani (+) Energy

In honor of my birthday month, I want to write about one of my favorite products as of late. I’ve known about the classic, charmed Alex and Ani bracelets for a while, but I came across their (+) Energy line of bracelets on a recent shopping adventure.

I was drawn to the sapphire charm initially because it is my birthstone and I felt it was a meaningful piece of arm candy. Different from their gold or silver charmed bracelets, the (+) Energy line brings a subtle pop of color while remaining delicate enough for daily wear. I even learned that these bracelets are ‘infused with positive energy!’ Take what you will from that, but I think these bracelets are super adorable.

photo 2 (10)

“Known as the stone of destiny, September’s sapphire is a symbol of optimism and serenity. Wear sapphire to clear your mind of clutter and to embrace fate”

Cheers to a clearer, wiser, more tranquil year!



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