Product Review: Eve Lom

I obsess over skin care – likely because I have sensitive skin – but over the last few years I have developed a real passion for researching skin care products and ingredients. I enjoy trying new products – among my favorites to try are under-eye creams, cleansers, and tinted moisturizers. I don’t have a preference between drug store brands versus high end; there are great products everywhere, but it’s all about the ingredients. I found this gem at Sephora.

Eve Lom products have come highly recommended (from Nikki, too!); it just took me a while to try one. I started out with the deluxe Morning Time Cleanser which is special because of its thick, balmy consistency. I was hesitant about applying a balm on my skin. I thought it might leave an oily residue that would clog my pores like others I’ve tried.

Let me describe to you my obsession with this product. The ingredients are what I find unique. I haven’t used any other exfoliator that has Papaya Fruit Enzyme. And this happens to be the gentlest exfoliating product I’ve ever tried. After just one month of using this product, I feel like my skin is looking less dull and feeling more elastic.

The instructions say to warm a small amount in your fingers before applying the product to your dry face. As soon as you squeeze it onto your fingertips, you get a hint of the rich herbal smell. Warning – the smell is strong when you first try it. It took me two washes before I liked it. When you massage the balm onto your face, it is like you are at a spa – refreshing and relaxing. The balm warms up and literally melts onto your skin. It’s such a harmonious process that I want to clean my face with Morning Time Cleanser more often than just in the morning time! Leave the balm on for 2-3 minutes and enjoy the smell (plus it feels super hydrating). Once you rinse your face, your skin will feel as soft as butter and will be glowing. I love the way my skin feels in the morning after using this – sometimes I just slather on some spf and go. It’s as easy as that.

Tip: This product will be great in the winter when it is dry, esp in NYC.

This 1.6oz bottle was $22 at Sephora and it has lasted me over a month. I am swearing by Eve Lom right now.

photo (5)-Sheena


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