(Black Seed) Bagel

When I think of the finer things in life, bagels are pretty high on my list. Correction, New York bagels.  NY Bagels are one of my favorite things to eat, whether its for breakfast, a snack or even as a late night bite (yup). One of my go-to traditional boiled bagel spots in NYC is ess-a-bagel on 21st street/1st ave. For $1.25 and a 25 minute wait, you can get yourself the most satisfying, warm, delicious breakie. Its tried and true, and will always remain one of my favorite spots. I go for the everything but always steal a few bites of my fiance’s onion. Fun fact: Nikki and I used to live next to the midtown location and would go there together for weekend breakfast circa 2009-2010! We’re both obsessed.

Lately, my bagel game has changed and I’ve been craving the hand-rolled, wood-fired delicacy that is Black Seed. Last weekend I found myself in NYC for a special occasion- literally there for 48 hours- and HAD to make a trip to Black Seed. (For the record, I’m supposed to be living in New York but this summer I’ve been spending more time in LA.) Their bagels, priced at $11 (for lox) and require at least a 45 minute wait on Sunday morning, are better than delish because of the crispy outside (wood-fired, get it?).

I enjoy the whole experience of going to Black Seed. It is a tiny spot on Elizabeth Street that makes you feel like you’re stepping into a Euro cafe with a few high top tables and a small bench outside. I love how the menu is written on a stained mirror – it looks Parisian rustic chic. You can see the huge wood-fire oven in the back and best yet, they serve Stumptown coffee. My go-to is the everything bagel with veggie cream cheese. AND a side of avocado, of course.

I recently learned that Black Seed now makes pizza bagels!! The best part is that they are only served at night. How genius is that? It is high on my list of things to try.

Black Seed-Sheena


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