I Love LA

I am an LA native, but I find myself consistently surprised by what I discover in this I have called home. Last week was a perfect example – I went to a wine tasting event at Barnsdall Park.  Those of you either from LA or familiar with the city, you might be having the same reaction I did, Barnsdall Park?!  Apparently the joke is on us. Located atop a hill in Silverlake, I spent the evening looking straight out on to the Griffith Observatory, the Hollywood sign and a view of the LA skyline.  Then you add a KCRW DJ, gorgeous sunset, blanket, too much cheese, endless wine tastings and my closest few – such an “LA” evening. I am rapidly realizing that this city has very cool people who do very cool things.

photo 5 (5)

I by no means put myself in this category – rather was relishing in the Silverlake crowd; hipster Silverlake moms in crop tops and their kids in fedoras, dancing together to 90’s pop, barefoot, in a park overlooking the city they love. They seemed right at home, the real question is where have I been?!?  

photo 3 (8)

Check it our for yourself, and trust me, go.  http://www.barnsdall.org/events/friday-night-wine-tastings/

photo 1 (9)



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