Creatures of Comfort RTW Spring ’15

One of the first New York Fashion Week shows I attended when I was a wee Assistant Buyer at Barneys was Creatures of Comfort. Besides freaking out about what to wear, I also felt like a true fashion world insider. Isn’t that what all of these live runway shows and almost-instant reviews are about — feeling like part of the clique? I remember seeing my favorite editor, Meredith Melling Burke, at the presentation, and feeling like a million bucks. What also struck me was the originality of the then new designers’ presentation. While I hadn’t been a frequent show attender I was an avid stalker (and still am) of for all of the runway photos. I knew what I was seeing was unique and fresh.

Today’s show, nearly 5 years since my first, was just as refreshing. The silhouettes were easy and my favorite motif was the use of fringe throughout. I’m thrilled to see that Creatures of Comfort has evolved and is still a rising star among so many wannabes.

9.4 creatures 2 9.4 creatures 3 9.5 creatures 1


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