Interior Design Newbie

9.4 lonny tablescape

I have noticed I’ve become increasingly interested in following interior design and home blogs and magazines. For a long time I find “having an eye” in design, housewares, etc. challenging and a little bit intimidating. While I love following people with personal style, I am in awe of interior designers who can make a cohesive, original story with peoples’ homes. Furniture just seems so PERMANENT, which is why I think it’s so scary. But I’ve slowly started to think of what I’d want my future home to look and feel like so naturally I have begun gravitating towards blogs whose styles’ I’d like to emulate.

Besides Pinterest which is the ultimate index (not to mention rabbit hole) for design inspiration, my two favorite magazine/blogs are Lonny and Domaine Home. The former prides itself on “accessible home design inspiration”, which I find charming and, yes, accessible. Their point of view is down-to-earth but always beautiful. It’s easy to get lost in their Photos section, that literally has thousands of inspirational photos of every room, both inside and outside. It’s a Pinterest minefield!

9.4 lonny 2 bedroom

9.4 lonny bathroom

9.4 lonny 2 kitchen

Domaine Home takes a more celebrity-focused approach. And who doesn’t love being a voyeur? Besides celeb home tours, there are how-to’s, entertaining tips and an entire shopping catalog. One of my favorite features so far is a peek into Jessica Alba’s home.

9.4 jessica alba 2

9.4 jessica alba



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