Ferry Building Saturdays

Saturday mornings are full of promise. When I wake up it always takes me a few seconds to remember it’s the weekend and I can do whatever I want! What I usually end up doing is heading straight for the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market. It’s my favorite way to start the weekend. I like to put a podcast in my ears, lace up my sneakers, and begin my brisk walk towards the Embarcadero. I always start with coffee, usually Sightglass. It’s a San Francisco original and so delicious. I get the Vanilla Cold Brew with whole milk… shhh.. it’s really good; it’s creamy and luscious, like having dessert for breakfast.

8.16 sightglass

Coffee in hand there’s really only one option for food: chilaquiles from Primavera. It’s probably my favorite breakfast item in the whole world. Super fresh and they never skimp on the avocados. Ask for extra pickled veggies, too.

8.16 chilaquilesIf I ever leave San Francisco I will miss the Ferry Building Farmers Market the most. There’s no better place for great food and discovering and supporting local vendors. It’s my happy place!

8.16 ferry bldg 2



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